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Industry: Life Insurance

The Challenge

A leading insurance company was interested in competing.

Affinity Life offers life insurance that fits your lifestyle. Its main challenge was creating a comprehensive digital strategy that would allow them to acquire and retain customers and market presence.

For the past two years, Affinity Life has provided insurance and financial services to thousands of customers in Canada, with advanced product development capability gained as part of a national insurance group. Affinity Life sought to increase productivity by changing how it worked, empowering sales teams, and improving customer experience with cutting-edge technology. In the age of digital disruption, the company required a dependable source of insights and guidance to develop a digital strategy and drive competitive advantage.

The Solution

A one-stop shop for customers, from query to the product.

Our team collaborated with the client’s team to express a vision and create a digital strategy. Besides this, an appropriate UI/UX design, front and backend development, and third-party API integrations. We also developed business architecture to make it a reality. 

Techzir Solutions’ team created a strategy that supported Affinity Life’s brand and its key principles of “customer centricity” and “service excellence.” Our team consisted of three main players: a frontend developer, a backend and lead developer, and a project manager. During specific phases, additional resources and team members were temporarily added.

As part of describing the digital business architecture, Techzir Solutions, with its brilliance, enabled the client to show how their business services supported various business models and maintained the clientele. We developed a Digital Business Architecture that offered a unified view of connections across technology and operations to realize the vision and be operationally effective and financially responsible.

I've worked with Techzir Solutions on numerous projects and their team never fails to deliver on them. These guys have great project management experience and can handle multiple front-end development tasks. Would highly recommend.
Operations Manager
at Affinity Life

The Outcome

Customer satisfaction has increased as a result.

Affinity Life was able to develop a successful digital strategy by utilizing our expert service delivery team, including an e-form submission system and a mobile customer center. This reduced the time spent on manual data collection and analysis, thus, allowing the company to gain meaningful insights from the data. 

This insurance company has been successfully selling its insurance policies through an e-submission system since 2021. The web design strategy and digital business interface delivered to their company’s website and project teams assisted them in showing the value of their digital investments and prioritizing their short and long-term goals.

The client engagement was progressive and established a new example in the market by bringing forward the idea of an online life insurance platform. There was increased website traffic, lower transaction costs, and higher sales.

As a result of the project’s success, a long-term relationship was formed. Our developers have worked with them for over a year to improve the product and ensure its growth. This happy and successful Affinity Life client knows where it is going and has a clear and precise path to digital growth and expansion.

Technologies involved in the project

Affinity Life is united on strategy, the future of its platform, and a process to achieve its goals. For adventure-seeking Canadians, they are making life insurance simple and affordable. They are well on their way to meeting current and future goals and demonstrating another century of value to its members, with a copy of their map and a shared understanding of the most direct path to their destination.
Techzir Solutions

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