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The Challenge

Establishing and elevating credibility and updating experience for their clients.

This is a success story of a long partnership with Global Bay. In 2018, Global Bay wanted to  cut down on business cost by outsourcing some of their work and create a more accessible user experience. Global Bay is excellent in an ever-changing digital industry. And for over four years, we have been their outsourcing partner.

Global Bay sought an IT consulting and staff augmentation services provider with a large talent pool and expertise in developing apps, websites, and other IT solutions to shorten the product’s time to market and optimize the development process. Their team wanted to accelerate product development by utilizing outsourcing.

The Solution

Developed a self-managed outsourced team to deliver several product releases.

After analyzing Global Bay’s situation, Techzir Solutions formed a self-managed outsourced team. They organized the workflow so that they could collaborate without physically being present at Global Bay’s office in Bristol, England. The team consisted of developers, including architects and team leads, who seamlessly and quickly integrated into their working environment to deliver several product releases and a number of autonomous modules for the product in the most efficient way possible.  

Techzir Solutions has provided Global Bay with the required technical competencies to fill the in-house skill gap. Our talents fit seamlessly into their development process and corporate culture, so they decided to collaborate with us long term.

Over these years of ongoing collaboration, Techzir Solutions’ team has been involved in web development, app development, SEO set of services, WordPress theme and plugin development, digital marketing, paid ad campaigns, and custom web development.

Working with Techzir Solutions is always a joy - excellent, high quality work every time and highly recommend.
Operations Manager
at Global Bay

The Outcome

Made complex development solutions seem simple.

Global Bay wanted to appear as a more tech-focused company. Still, they were concerned about diluting their focus on service, which was a key differentiator for them and the reason they became successful in the first place. With Techzir Solutions’ outsourcing team, they made complex tech solutions seem simple for them.

Our staff augmentation services helped Global Bay achieve various business goals to improve the quality and speed of the development process. Techzir Solutions had product releases and autonomous modules for their product delivered on time due to the quick establishment of outsourcing collaboration, developers’ expertise, and introduced project management and development process improvements. Following the successful launch of the first project, Global Bay decided to continue working with our team and involve our talent skills in developing several products for their clients.

Technologies involved in the project

The Global Bay team is small and personal; everyone knows you by name. They treat your company like theirs and are indeed vested in your success. They will collaborate with you to develop the best strategy for your digital needs, and if you think something else is a good idea, their staff will guide you through.
Techzir Solutions

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