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The Challenge

Creating easy-to-update, organized, and navigated websites.

The Sood marketing agency has been serving the digital industry since 2019. In 2019, the client contacted us to outsource website and webapp development. The challenge here was that the Sood company was looking for a reliable team to partner with in web and app development services, giving their clients the same quality of work and reduce their own internal development costs.

They asked Techzir Solutions for a de facto partnership for creating websites and webapps that were easy to update and organize for clients, covered the features that were needed and resonated with their target audiences.

The Solution

Provided excellent staff augmentation and SEO services.

Sood Marketing has always trusted Techzir Solutions for the unique user experience clients see in our work. We created bespoke websites for a functional, comprehensive digital experience.

Keeping in view the client’s needs, fully responsive websites have always been our core focus. The new sites had to be mobile-friendly, load quickly, and be highly responsive to engage the end user. We try our best to give a truly mobile-friendly experience because it improves Google search engine rankings, making the website more visible to its entire audience. 

We not only create excellent websites; we also ensure that they are optimized to load quickly on all devices and, most importantly, to appear at the top of search engines. We have developed brand new websites that looked great and created websites on the WordPress platform to make it easier for the client to keep the content fresh and provide a better user experience for their readers.

For around five years, Techzir Solutions has been providing Sood marketing services for staff augmentation. We have always ensured a qualified team to work with the Sood company following their business model. This has been advantageous for their team because of the availability and access to a pool of talented and skilled professionals who are highly qualified and willing to align their duties to meet their company’s needs.

Working with Techzir Solutions is a very smooth process. You explain the issues you are having and their team is able to come up with a solution. Great experience and will be using their services again.
Operations Manager
at Sood Marketing

The Outcome

Sood Marketing has attracted businesses and companies for web development and design.

Our development team developed stunning websites using WordPress that were optimized and highly converting for the businesses of Sood’s clients. Our services to Sood resulted in cost saving for them in terms of development and SEO which enabled them to have an edge over their competition.

Technologies involved in the project

The Sood marketing agency provides outclass digital solutions, visually appealing websites and they offer personalized marketing services for their clients, building strong and long-lasting relationships that create a powerful and influential impact. Also, their team performs admirably, ranking among the many recognized companies in the field. Our team collaborates closely with the team of Sood to ensure that developed sites serve their intended audiences and adhere to the most stringent branding guidelines.
Techzir Solutions

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