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The Challenge

Creating a compelling and aesthetically pleasing brand system and layout.

In a state dominated by multi-state operators and large cannabis brands, The Foggy Forest has established itself as one of Canada’s premier dispensaries by prioritizing community impact initiatives and making products affordable to the masses through an extensive discount and rewards program. 


We concentrated heavily on these elements during the planning process to effectively communicate their commitment to the medical field and the community at large. The Foggy Forest is an online cannabis brand that falls somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. Their aesthetic is cleaner and more professional but not stiff or unapproachable.From a design standpoint, we needed to find a way to create an effective and aesthetically pleasing brand system and layout without becoming too casual.

The Solution

Our experts built their eCommerce store on WordPress and Woocommerce.

We designed and built a new website for The Foggy Forest that provided a better user experience resulting in an over 15,000 increase in potential customers over the past four years. 


The first stage of any website design begins with strategy meetings with our clients to brainstorm ideas and crack their expectations for the website and its functionality. While we take the lead on all aspects of the process, we prefer to work collaboratively to ensure that the finished site contains all of the necessary features and aligns with the overall brand vision. 


In our strategy meetings with the team of The Foggy Forest, we discussed examples of what other dispensary websites do well and where they fall short. We also identified their preferences for the website’s user experience and how they preferred information to be organized.


Our design team created an outline. And wireframe with a proposed menu structure, a list of all pages to be included in the website, and a general structure for how the various sections of the website would interlink and guide visitors between them after careful planning, preparation, and collaboration with the team management. 


To begin the design process, we created a rendering or “front end” design to demonstrate to the Foggy Forest team how the finished website would look once developed and coded. 


Since Techzir Solutions has significant expertise in WordPress, we built their eCommerce store on WordPress and Woocommerce. We rendered our services in rebranding, feature add-ons, and website maintenance.

Techzir Solutions has a super talented WordPress team. They are my go to people anytime I have an issue with my website. It seems there’s no task they can’t handle. I personally recommend them for anything related to WordPress!
Operations Manager
at Foggy Forest

The Outcome

The company gained new customers and increased sales.

We take great care when redesigning a website for an established client with an online presence to ensure that the proper steps are taken to maintain website traffic and keyword rankings. This includes implementing appropriate redirects, creating a suitable system for page URLs, and other considerations. 

Within one month of the new website’s launch, The Foggy Forest’s website traffic and several other user experience metrics improved significantly. Over the last four years, the website has helped the company gain 15,000 new customers and 1.8 million dollars in sales.

We focused on site architecture and intuitive navigation, among other things, during the redesign process, which contributed to these improvements.

We are delighted with how the website turned out and have received positive feedback from The Foggy Forest’s patients about the user experience and overall look and feel.

Technologies involved in the project

The Foggy Forest is a reputable weed dispensary in Canada. They needed to rebrand their website to ensure increased sales concerning a better look, feel, and user experience. They wanted to constantly improve their website by adding new features, fixing bugs, and performing maintenance. Since they are already a successful brand, we chose our best software engineers and provided high-tech solutions to ace their project requirements.
Techzir Solutions

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