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Hubstaff – An Efficient Way To Manage Remote and Hybrid Teams

By Arooj Shakeel
July 7, 2023

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Monitoring while your employees are working, what they are doing at work, and what you need to pay them while they are done can be a complicated challenge.

Numerous employee tracking software programs are available on the market that assists you in observing your employees’ work activities and patterns. But it is no longer just about getting a sizeable oversight into the running habits of your personnel. You may use the facts to improve your group’s productivity and average efficiency. With a time tracking device, you have a sensible image of how long projects take, allowing you the advantage of committing higher timelines on your clients. It additionally offers you a deeper perception of whether your team spends too much time on particular duties.

Do you need to recognize who is doing what and how long working hours are on the remote or in place? Let’s dive right into a simple time-tracking device – Hubstaff.


What is Hubstaff?

Hubstaff is a time monitoring software program that lets you screen worker activities during work hours. Hubstaff permits your employees to tune in time through its desktop app. Employees can pick out once they need to document their time.

Once the app goes, it monitors which websites and applications your team is viewing, their display screen interest, and what sort of time they spend at their desktop. It then gathers all these statistics and creates reviews for all your employees. Your team participants can also track how much time they spent on a selected project or challenge.

Hubstaff provides the time logged in by using numerous employees and tells you how lots time it took to complete the entire challenge. It also automatically creates an invoice using these records and lets you invoice your clients based on the hours spent.


Important features of Hubstaff

Employee tracking capabilities

What exactly are your employees doing at some stage in work hours? Those features help you apprehend your team’s working habits and activities at some stage in workplace hours.


App and website monitoring

Do you understand what websites your team uses at work? Around 67% of personnel use social media often, all through work hours. As a result, your group loses 13% of daily productive hours.

Hubstaff follows its website and application interest when your employees start tracking their time. The software program also presents the percentage of their time spent on every app or website. It allows you to view your employees’ specific URLs throughout the day.

Clicking on those URLs allows you to view screenshots of the website. You could access the website to find out whether or not a worker was losing time while working at the challenge.


Screenshot tracking

You may not constantly check whether or not your employees are away or are at their desks. For remote teams, there is no quick way of locating whether your employees are operating or running personal errands at some stage in work hours.

The worker tracking device allows you to take screenshots of your employees’ screens every 10 minutes. The screenshot feature lets you view your entire group’s screen on one web page.

Before using this option, inform your employees that the app could often take screenshots of their work.


Interest levels monitoring

You may not usually keep in touch with your employees through working hours to ensure they are doing their work. You may lose their belief if you spend time conversing with them even as they perform.

Hubstaff automatically videoes display units employee interest based on keystrokes and mouse movement.

In 10 mins, the software video displays units each second and calculates what number of seconds the person was inactive (no keyboard or mouse movement) and compares to how many seconds the person became using the mouse or keyboard. This comparison determines the interest level.


Weekly work restricts monitoring

Are a number of your team contributors running time beyond regulation?

Most people accept as accurate that the extra hours we work, the more efficient we will be. However, research has indicated that working more than 50 hours a week causes fatigue and can be counterproductive. Restricting your work week to 40-45 hours is recommended, as it can improve your team’s productivity ranges by 25%.


Employee region tracking

At the same time as coping with a remote team, it is far more complex to track where your personnel is placed at any given time. They can be working from domestic or the neighborhood cafe. They could also be on a lunch wreck and may be unavailable for the project repute replace, which you decided to install.

Hubstaff’s iOS and Android apps have a location tracking feature that tracks your remote employee’s vicinity at some stage in working hours. It can estimate how much time your personnel spend commuting, doing personal stuff, or working from a selected area.

Primarily based on their area and activities, you could determine the correct time to talk with your faraway employees and whether they are using operating hours productively.

Do consider that your personnel will not want their every movement to be monitored and documented. This selection is perhaps perceived as too intrusive by your remote team. It is encouraged to tell your personnel about the characteristics before installing the iOS app.


Project popularity tracking

Hubstaff provides reviews that summarize what work each employee has performed in a week. It is tough to maintain track of individual workers’ progress, and this is a quick way of doing so.

The team dashboard displays each group member’s running hours and summarizes the responsibilities and projects completed within the past seven days. The dashboard also suggests which member is currently online and presents their pastime during the last week.

The team dashboard lets you see the project’s reputation at a look, which enables you to pick your techniques based on your team’s performance.


Hubstaff Pricing

Hubstaff is a famed lower-priced solution for monitoring employees’ time. It provides one free method for one consumer but has limited powers and functions. It gives a 14-day trial in all its plans, allowing you to access its full capabilities.

If you opt for a subscription plan, the company has flexible plans (Basic, Premium, Enterprise) that serve each small and massive company. 

Hubstaff is a super-time monitoring solution with all the traits one wants for their organization. We endorse it to any commercial enterprise owner managing remote running groups.

Before selecting the proper plan for your company, examine all the plans to see if they have adequate capabilities to cater to your commercial enterprise requirements.


Hubstaff barriers and the alternative

Hubstaff is a low-priced time and place monitoring solution with terrific and vital functions that are useful for your agency. Much like another app, it has its barriers.

It will mark you idle while having video conferencing calls because mouse and keyboard interest will be much less. That is a first-rate setback for personnel who have ordinary meetings with video calls. It is easy to clear up this hassle. Explain to your supervisor that the inactiveness changed because of video calls.

Hubstaff alternatives encompass TimeCamp, VeriClock, BillQuick, Clevork, and Teramind, to mention a few. They are all-time tracking software appropriate for organizations with remote personnel and freelancers.

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