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Project Management with Microsoft Tools – An Introduction

By Arooj Shakeel
June 20, 2023

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Microsoft is one of the most popular software companies globally. From its conception in 1974 as a BASIC interpreter developer, the company has become a tech giant in almost every conceivable field. Microsoft has many tools for enterprise productivity and some effective leadership and project management solutions. Microsoft is one of the most software companies on earth. The run-of-the-mill consumer will understand Microsoft because the proprietor of Windows and the workplace, or the organization behind the great experience emblem, is Xbox. A few might even recall it for its lackluster attempts at mobile technology, just like the home windows smartphone or the Zune HD. 

Paradoxically, Microsoft’s maximum-earning product is in an area where they are not the market chief: Intelligent Cloud. 37% of their income comes from rendering cloud-based solutions with their platform Azure.

Cloud technology and XaaS (anything as a service) models are at the center of Microsoft’s long-term approach. For instance, on the business side, their solutions have adopted both—for example, Microsoft’s Office 365 for each commercial enterprise and private user.

All of that could have you wondering—among their many products, are there any specific solutions for project management?


Microsoft and project management tools

First, known as Project, Microsoft’s solution for project management is from the 80s. Running with MS-DOS and programmed with Microsoft’ C’ (and a chunk of meeting), it started as a chunk of a prank. The founder, Ron Bredehoeft, wanted to build software that would permit him to express the recipe and coaching of benedict eggs in project management terminology. So he created Project.

Microsoft Project has seen dozens of shifts over its lifetime. In recent years, and a way to its integration with the rest of the Microsoft suite, it has become the second most popular project management tool, following in the footsteps of trusted Jira. But what is Microsoft Project precisely? Also referred to as MSP, it is a project management software that enables in developing and controlling project plans, tracking, developing, analyzing and dynamically distributing workloads and resources, creating and dealing with budgets, and so much more.

Senior project managers will quickly understand that most of the functions noted above are not revolutionary, as almost every project management software program has similar features. So what differentiates MSP from its competition?


MSP’s Focus

Integration with the Microsoft Office 365 Suite 

To no one’s marvel, the most significant advantage of using a Microsoft product is the combination with the rest of the employer’s products. Microsoft has invested closely in growing a massive atmosphere for its user base, offering solutions for everything from not unusual workplace tasks to database dealing and even coding.


User Interface Standardization

Anyone who has released a workplace app within the last decade knows what a ribbon is (the option on top of the app). Microsoft has standardized its consumer experience across all apps to facilitate user adoption. Microsoft’s Project is no exception.

For good or bad, Office has become the gold popular for business solutions. Even open software like LibreOffice equals Microsoft’s products in terms of user experience. That is why people call it intuitive—even if you handiest used phrase to jot down faculty reviews, the way to navigate the project.


All attention to clients

Microsoft data gathering today supports the business and its merchandise to meet customer needs. For instance, MSP can be used for monetary functions. It has several functionalities to control challenge budgets and control expenditures. It has project lists, roadmaps, Gantt charts, and Kanban boards—everything a project supervisor wishes to be triumphant.

MSP is paradigm agnostic,i.e., it does not manage what type of technique you choose, as MSP can suit your model. From Waterfall to Agile, every project has a place in Microsoft Project. 


Scale and reputation

Microsoft is a software program juggernaut and a marketplace chief in the industry. While you obtain a Microsoft provider, you are becoming something extra than software: you are gaining Access to a massive infrastructure, a supportive network, customized customer service, education applications, tutorials, and more.

Microsoft Project has a wide array of third-party customer support services running as Microsoft’s authentic partners. They provide services like user schooling, educational movies, certification publications, and more.


Project Management Quality Tools

With the aid of ways, Microsoft Project is the maximum powerful tool for project management within the Microsoft ecosystem, but it is not the simplest. From Office 365 to the Teams mentioned earlier to CRM software like Dynamics, there are dozens of products to enhance a project’s workflow.

Excel, phrase, Powerpoint, Publisher, Onenote, Outlook, Visible Studio, and Access are just some examples of the philosophy behind the Microsoft software program. Every individual is born with productivity in mind.

Microsoft tools have formed the sector of productiveness for over three years. The reality that their most essential competitors have tailored their functionalities and interface is evidence of how much an impact the corporation has had in our present-day Zeitgeist. You could look at that effect on your own and realize why Microsoft tools for project management is worth attempting.

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